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- Nerve guide for the repair of peripheral nerves   l   Integra LifeSciences
- Nerve protector for the protection of peripheral nerves   l   Integra LifeSciences
- Dermal regeneration templates   l   Integra LifeSciences
- Dermatomes   l   Integra LifeSciences
- Motiva silicone breast implants, the new generation of "smart" prostheses with internal
  biocompatible microchip capable of concentrating all product information. Nanosurface technology,
  which reduces the risks of infection and capsule formation    l   Motiva
- The temporary second skyn   l   Suprathel
  Suprathel is a syntethic, absorbable and one time aplication membrane and alloplastric skin
  substitute for the treatment of wounds, split skin donor sites and burns.

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General Surgery Plastic Surgery Trauma
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